Rick and Morty NFT Collection tops Opensea charts


Rick and Morty NFT Collection tops Opensea charts

Art Gobblers, the NFT collection of Rick and Morty animation series co-creator, Justin Roiland, is at its peak.

Non-fungible tokens are attempting to break into the established art market. NFTs like Beeple’s Everydays have been known to sell for as much as $69 million at auction. People in the entertainment industry are prone to doing tests with the revolutionary idea because of the tremendous buzz. Justin Roiland is one of the creative minds that recently launched the NFT project Art Gobblers. Given the huge number of fans and viewers of the Rick and Morty show, the NFT collection immediately went viral on OpenSea.

Roland’s vision was to create a decentralized art factory with NFTs and grow a crypto Rick and Morty community. To do this, he joined forces with the NFT community and the digital ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency, the GOO token.

Users may simply access websites where they can make their own digital gobbler art.
Users can create the art using a straightforward procedure. To achieve this, they need GOO tokens, which anyone can obtain by owning Art Gobblers NFT. They will produce blank canvas-like pages for themselves where they may express their creativity before sending them to the Art Gobblers’ stomachs for “digestion.”

At the time of the writing and conceptualizing of his digital art collection, the NFT market cap was standing at 17.7 billion USD. Roiland’s collection reached an impressive figure of $14 million.

*Article picture source: CoinRepublic*

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