Metaverse: Incubadora DAO


Metaverse: Incubadora DAO

Incubadora DAO is a laboratory at the crossroads of art and technology. It’s all about experimenting for Incubadora. They’re using funding and educational programs to bridge the gap between traditional art and blockchain and encourage collaboration between artists, academics, and cultural experts.

Incubadora DAO was founded in 2021 to encourage collaboration between artists, academics, curators, and creatives. They’re leveraging blockchain and NFTs to develop emancipatory solutions that can help restructure the traditional art ecosystem to combat the growing poverty of the cultural sector and artistic labour.

Our mission is to bridge the traditional art sector and web 3 technologies, such as marketplaces, new social media platforms and the metaverse.

One of the members of the DAO told Mintbase

According to Crypto News Metaverse Incubadora operates on three primary axes. First and foremost, the group promotes education by hosting monthly seminars that combine artistic practices with academic study and technology.

They seek to recruit artists and scholars and share knowledge with the community through various seminars, workshops, and speeches. Everyone is welcome to participate in the program.

Photo source; Incubadora website

Our Seminars are theory-focused and span a wide variety of subjects. At our March seminar (date to be announced), we’ll have an NFT Workshop with Eduardo Politzer & Coletivo Amarelo.

One of the members of the DAO told Mintbase

Secondly, there is Incubadora Vertical, which is a monthly fund set aside for community projects. These ventures include everything from virtual and actual exhibitions to podcasts and their most recent endeavour.

Cuba Shots is a series of video portraits of visual artists who speak Portuguese. The goal is to depict the artists’ daily lives while promoting their work. Manu Romeiro, a Brazilian artist, based in So Miguel de Acha, was the first to be invited to join after receiving a grant from Incubadora. The whole video will be available on Mintbase soon.

Kawa Kami, for example, is an artist residency taking place at Casaro do Chá in So Paulo, Brazil. The concept is defined by the artistic occupation of the space, which is accomplished through the production of two installations made of ceramics, wood, or gold leaf. In conjunction with artist Erika Kobayashi, it will involve a public exhibition of the pieces and a performance.

Finally, their Artist Stipends Program provides financial assistance to artists from Portuguese-speaking nations.

The program, which has three editions and ten selected artists, provides financial support to artists and assists them in minting their NFTs and constructing virtual galleries through Mintbase. IncubadoraDAO now has two Mintbase stores dedicated to their main store and another for artist fellows and guest artists.

These NFTs sold on Mintbase, help our grantees combat the precariousness of the traditional art market, by pursuing a new avenue for selling their work, but also by creating a sense of community and connection with their fans.

One of the members of the DAO told Mintbase

Artists are included in the biannual Poliedro Catalog, a showcase of artwork made that semester that is also sold as an NFT and selling their work on IncubadoraDAO’s Mintbase store.

The first Poliedro Catalog was released at the end of November and featured six visual artists from various backgrounds, including animation, painting, and sound art.

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