SEO Agencies Turn to generative engine optimization to become geo agencies

GEO optimization

SEO Agencies Turn to generative engine optimization to become geo agencies

TUYA Digital, a frontrunner in European SEO & Digital Marketing, has become the EU’s first Generative Engine Optimization (GEO) agency in a groundbreaking move. It marks the start of a new era in which SEO agencies that have focused so far on optimizing your business’s presence in search engines change their approach and add GEO to their services.

This disruptive approach signifies a seismic shift within the SEO landscape, strategically optimizing content for the imminent future of search – AI-powered search engines.

Adam C, TUYA Digital

“As mentioned in our previous communication on our social media channels and website, SEO is no longer enough. GEO has to be considered if you need to rank in 2024 and prepare your business for the Generative Engines. AI is here; we have to adapt to this reality, and if you are the owner of a business that needs online optimization, you have to dive deep into GEO – Generative Engine Optimization. This will ensure clients and your survival in the years to come”.

Adam C., digital strategist @TUYA Digital – SEO & GEO

Demystifying GEO: A Paradigm Shift

For years, SEO has revolved around propelling websites to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) for targeted keywords. GEO appeared relatively recently and builds upon this foundation, acknowledging the dominance of AI-driven search engines like Bard by Google and Bing’s ChatGPT. These intelligent engines transcend keyword matching, which has reigned until now, and they are meticulously analyzing information from diverse sources to deliver comprehensive answers to user queries.


While the importance of traditional SEO tactics remains undeniable, GEO adopts a future-oriented perspective. GEO – Generative Engine Optimization empowers websites to achieve superior visibility within the rapidly evolving search ecosystem by meticulously optimizing content for understandability, credibility, and the capacity to address intricate user queries.


Target AudienceSearch EnginesAI-Driven Search Engines
Optimization FocusKeywordsContent comprehensiveness, authority, & nuance
Ranking MetricClick-through rate, bounce rate, dwell timeImpression metrics & relevance to the user query
GEO vs SEO comparison


“At TUYA Digital, we’ve always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation,” says Adam C., Digital Strategist at TUYA Digital. “By embracing GEO, we equip our clients to flourish in the impending era of AI-powered search. This represents a monumental leap forward for the European SEO, and we’re honoured to be the pioneers leading this charge.”

TUYA Digital’s proficiency in SEO and GEO positions them as an invaluable asset for businesses seeking to navigate the uncharted territory of the future search landscape.

With their pioneering approach, TUYA Digital is poised to propel clients towards enduring online success in the following years.

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